Thursday, 18 April 2013

Single Size Comforter

Hello Kitty again!

Yeah, another great project on Hello Kitty's panel.   Well, actually.... this panel itself was very small and that is why it's only suitable for newborn baby or toddler.  The dimension is 32.5" x 41".   My client admired Hello Kitty very much and she can't resist to have this at her home.  She decided to turn this panel into single size comforter.  How creative! 
Ops, mind you that she had patiently waiting for the panel to arrive here in Malaysia for almost 3 weeks.  Syukran for your support and trust.

My smart's client then choose this design to put on surrounding HK panel as a border.

Started with pre-wash the panel then carefully calculated the measurement to be taken to cut the fabric into single size comforter. Well, normally I would sketch it out to get a better view. Then starts the cutting process and do a simple patchworks on it.  I wish I can embroidered the name of the owner....  (In Shaa Allah one day I will get those embroidery machine.  Friends... please make a du'a for me too)

And now is the time to stich together with the batting and backing.  It's quilting time!

It's thick enough to be a comfortable comforter!

Oh, wait! I'm sure this comforter will look gorgeous with a piping surrounding it. Hmmm definitely!  
Then I started looking up on my fabric studio, colours that are available to match with it.  Alhamdulillah  at last I found one.  And I really pray that my client will love this as well.

Darker pink for the backing.

This fabric are so sweet and  I really enjoyed working on it.  It finishes at about 5' x 6'.

Nicely fitted the storage bag.  Lovely!  
It's already on it's way to meet the owner.  Hopefully she will love this as much as I love sewing it.
Syukran and have a wonderful day.

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