Friday, 28 June 2013

Baby Quilt Comforter

So cool for a little boy! I found it's a very informative panel. The mommy can start introducing those little animal for her baby/toddler. It has a caterpillar, bird, star, bee and look this animal got a long neck.... What is it, mum? and.. what is the different between an alligator and a crocodile? Is it the same? I myself also have to run to our mini library to get a dictionary. hihihi

Ok.  I'm not doing the patchwork for this wonderful comforter.  It's already had a brown border on it and it's just look perfect.  As usual, I just handstiches the binding with light brown polkadot on it.

Well, this comforter is safely delivered to the owner.  Hope the mummy and baby happy and having fun together.  May Allah swt bless them.

Yup, the mommy also decided to have a nursing pillow to enhance mother-child bonding.  Well, it's actually called 'multi-purpose pillow''.  If you decided to know more about this, feel free to click on the following link :

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